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Solution in Brief

  • SpecMap is cloud based responsive application where customer can store his landscaping details like underground piping structure, valves or any device installed. This application secure and you need login to use it. Customer can also use upload drone images such as satellite or aerial photographs directly in your maps.
  • These images can be used as reference or in conjunction with the map editing tools to create or edit geographic information. This application gives access to user for creating location mapping with custom markers and the while management tools for location mapping.
  • SpecMap has following features :
    1. Uses Google Maps API for mapping so it is extensively used anywhere for mapping / geocoding features
    2. UI/UX : enabling users to use your service effectively and efficiently, make them also think, 'Wow, this application is genius.' Exceed their expectations desirably
    3. Privacy/Security Management : Your data and information are critical business assets.Information is private and only accessible to authorized users
    4. Overlay Images : The map shows custom overlay images that is uploaded by users
    5. User management : User/role based support
    6. Companies Management : Company management for software uses and data sharing
    7. Inventory
    8. Location Management : Saved location management & search functionality
    9. Markers Management :
      • This allows user to create custom markers Types that can be used while mapping
      • Get access to location points lat/long and distance between location points for easy to use
      • Marker creation is restricted within per-defined bounds of area / Location
      • Information of marker points are shown within maps so it is easy to relate and understand for users of application
    10. Location Mapping : Allows to add/Update/delete marker points for location & retains information into database . Sorting ,searching functionality for locations saved
  • If you are interested in this solution please contact us at your time, we will help you for sure!

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