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Solution in Brief

  • With Real Estate CRM (RCRM) lead management features, you can automatically generate leads from your website, email enquiries and phone calls, ROI and which client prospecting efforts are waste of time and money. Lead nurturing, drip marketing, birthday reminders & other tools inside RCRM let you build long term relationships with your clients while automating these routines and saving your time.
  • This solution avail all features as below:
    1. Attractive Dashboard (Which will show count of the ongoing projects, count of the interested customers, users, leads, documents etc )
    2. Leads - In this feature executive can add the all realestate leads & can view update anytime & it will keep track so all the history.
    3. Send Email - Did the email integration in this app, so it will send email to user manager automatically while adding, updating the leads.
    4. Customers - User can add, see all list of users they can easily access all customers.
    5. Reminder - In this feature user can set the reminders so everyday you will followup with the reminders
    6. Import bulk leads from excel-sheet
    7. Export leads in excel-sheet.
  • We looking to deploy this system for some more customers and it is in progress.
  • If you are interested in this solution please contact us at your time, we will help you for sure!

Our Working Process

Working Process 1

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Working Process 2

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Working Process 3

03. Implement and Deploy Ideas

Working Process 4

04. Achieve customer Goals

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